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Why sell with a BoatList Auction?

Unlike online boat classified listings, BoatList™ finds the buyer and does the negotiating for you — we get you bids, not prospects. Plus, we’ll take the pictures, make the videos, write your listing and market your boat on Facebook, Instagram and Google — all at no cost to you. Just set the reserve price, we do the rest.

  • No listing Fee
  • No commission
  • Set a reserve price
  • Free marketing
  • Nationwide exposure
  • Sell fast — 7 day auction

7 days to find out if BoatList can get me a price on my boat that I can say yes to? Sign me up!

Michael S.

BoatList multimedia auction listings help sell a boat way better than anything else out there. This is a game changer!

Tony G.

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner? I love the idea of seeing actual sale prices instead of just asking prices.

Chris A.

As a broker, when I need to sell a boat fast, this gives me another tool beyond the traditional listing sites.

Drew O.

Here’s how it works Step by Step

  1. Submit your
  2. We accept the ones that fit our listing guidelines
  3. Photos &
    video shoot
  4. We write the
    auction listing
  5. Your listing
    goes live
  6. Your boat sells
    7 days later*

* If reserve is met.

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