Top 10 Center Consoles

Center Consoles are no longer just sport fishing boats for nearshore day trips. With modern outboard power, some center consoles are now over 60 feet long, reach speeds of over 80 mph and outfish even the most expensive Sport Fisherman. Designs range from wide open decks, live wells and gunwales loaded with rod holders to luxurious cabins and molded-in seating for entertaining guests.

Center Consoles Over and Under 40 feet

It is in large part to their growing popularity that center consoles have become so diverse — and more recently so large. As a result, we’ve split up the list of BoatList top 10 center consoles into two groups — one under 40’, the other over.

under 40’

Freeman 37vh

From a sheer performance standpoint, the Freeman 37vh has no equal in its class and is BoatList™’s pick for #1 center console under 40 feet. It’s also the most expensive center console under 40’ with a 3 year waitlist, so apparently you get what you pay for.

The Freeman is a catamaran, which means it rides differently from a monohull with more of a walking, side to side motion as it crests oncoming seas — rather than the more traditional up and down bouncing of a mono hull. Even in a following sea, or in the trough, we found the Freeman predictable and seaworthy with a softer ride at faster speeds than with any monohull we’ve ever experienced.

Everything on the 37vh is massive — from the freeboard to the super deep storage compartments, to the two front insulated fishboxes under the lounge / sundeck. The two optional live wells in the aft cockpit floor are also enormous and add to the already ample capacity of the integrated transom livewell.

The console is unusually high and has a lot of space for electronics installation, as well as an overhead mounting area for VHF radios and accessories. The leaning post can be optioned with rear facing seating or a tackle station. An upper station with full controls is also available.

The Freeman 37vh is designed for twin or quad outboards up to 1,800 hp, yet 1,200 hp is more than enough for most and produces a top speed in the mid 60 mph range with a cruise around 48 mph burn and a burn of right around 1 mpg.

SeaVee 390z

The SeaVee 390z is BoatList’s top choice for a monohull center console under 40 feet. The 390z has likely won more fishing tournaments in South Florida than any other center console produced in the last 10 years. Available with a gap tower, three live wells, insulated fishboxes, a coffin box and a molded in kite storage compartment above the helm, the SeaVee 390z is a tournament anglers best friend.

The 390z has a wide console that easily shelters 3 adults from the elements. The console has an optional marine head and sink below, as well as access to all of the installed electronics. The leaning post features the classic SeaVee sliding Frigid Rigid fiberglass cooler and the integrated tackle station.

The bow cockpit has a 50 gallon in floor live well along with 2 insulated fishboxes along the centerline. There’s optional fold-out seating on both the port and starboard side that can also be configured as storage compartments. There’s tons of rod storage along the sides of the console and the aft cockpit has more rod storage in the leaning post and along the t-top.

SeaVee’s twin stepped ventilated hull is a solid performer offshore and holds plane at just over 16 mph. The 390z can be rigged with twin, triple or quad engines up to 1,800 hp and reaches speeds in excess of 70 mph.

The overall fit and finish, as well as the diamond non-skid deck stand out on all SeaVee models. The 390z is no different. The yacht-like shine of the gelcoat and the thoughtful ergonomic layout of the fishing cock and helm station set this boat apart from the rest.

Yellowfin 36 Offshore

The Yellowfin 36 is considered a top choice by many sport fishermen — and BoatList picked this boat for it’s surprisingly efficient performance capabilities. Rigged with triple 300 or 400 hp outboards, this twin stepped hull is simply more fuel efficient than anything else available in this size. With 455 gallons of fuel capacity, and a lean burn of 1.6 gph at 40 mph, the range is well over 550 miles.

The Yellowfin 36 is designed as a tournament sport fishing boat with a transom livewell and an optional well under the rear seat. The optional hardtop can be ordered with a custom color gelcoat, Gemlux outriggers and a set of JL Audio speakers — as well as an upper station with full controls for those who like to sight fish.

The front cockpit can be configured with an open deck, or a large center mounted coffin box or even molded-in forward seating. The front console seat has a drink cooler below. The aft cockpit has storage compartments in the deck on either side, as well as a large bilge access hatch in the center. The console is wide enough for side by side chartplotters and and up to three adults to stay out of the wind.

Overall, the 36 Yellowfin is a solid offshore sport fishing boat that’s good on fuel and has all the features and options sport fishermen demand.

Scout 355 LXF

The Scout 355 LXF is a luxurious 35 foot center console that is designed for style and comfort. There’s a dedicated space for a Seakeeper gyro in the aft deck. The fully enclosed windshield and hardtop combine to create a sheltered helm area, and the front cockpit has a large center lounge seat and a sundeck in the bow that converts to a seating area complete with a motorized pop up table.

The Scout 355 LXF is equally well suited for fishing as it is for trips to the sandbar with friends. You’ll find rod storage and a rear facing seat in the aft cockpit opposite a retractable bench seat in the transom. There’s a retractable sunshade integrated into the hard top. An integrated engine bracket also serves as a swim platform. The console houses a spacious cabin with an optional marine head and access to all helm mounted electronics.

Overall, the Scout 355 has the high-end finishes and stylish design to appeal to families that prioritize cruising and entertaining friends. Designed for triple outboards up to 1,200 hp, the Scout 355 LXF is capable of speeds in excess of 60 mph.

Contender 35 ST

The Contender 35 ST is a sport fishing boat that is ideal in many ways. The 35 foot overall length is easy to handle on your own, yet also enough hull for those windy days offshore. Even though the Contender 35 ST is rated for up to 1,200 hp, twin 400, 425, or 450 hp engines are all that’s needed for solid performance and good fuel efficiency. The twin stepped hull rigged with twin outboard means you should see 1.5 mpg at cruise.

The Contender 35 ST offers fishing features like twin 55 gallon transom live wells and an optional 80 gallon floor well. Each well is fed by its own 1,500 gph pump mounted in a seachest in the bilge. The tackle station incorporated into the back of the leaning post is a convenient way to rig tackle and prep gear.

There are 3 in deck storage compartments in the bow, and another storage compartment under the motorized deck lid with a coffin box — which also serves as a lounge style seat. There’s 2 insulated fishboxes in the port and starboard side of the aft cockpit deck, with bilge access hatches in the middle.

Over 40’

HCB 53 Sueños

The HCB 53 Sueños is the original mega center console, and it takes the crown for BoatList’s top center console over 40 feet. With a level of luxury beyond the norm, multiple rows of seating, satellite tv and data services, helm air conditioning and a Seakeeper gyro, this is more of a yacht than a center console.

The 53 Sueños is designed for quad or quint outboards up to about 2,500 hp. The boat achieves speeds in excess of 60 mph and is equipped with joystick piloting. The helm station accommodates three large displays and features 3 individual rotating chairs with shock absorbing pedestals.

The forward lounge seating conceals a deep freezer below and compliments the seating area in the bow. The table can be lowered electronically to create a sunpad. Below the console is a cabin with an enclosed head, queen size mattress, as well as fridges and a microwave. Behind the console are two rows of seating for up to 6 people to sit comfortably while underway.

Behind the 2nd seating row is a built-in electric grill, pull-out fridges and an ice maker for cocktails. The aft cockpit offers a center custom tender seat with Frigid Rigid coolers on either side and a livewell below. There’s an inward opening hull-side door for easy access to the dock.

Valhalla V-46

Valhalla is designed and built by Viking Yachts, and that means fishing and luxury are the focus. The V-46 has a fit and finish that rivals that of any Viking, and is simply a step above other center consoles we’ve seen. The finish work includes things like a teak toerail and transom. The V-46 also has the fishing features and fuel capacity to make it a serious offshore fishing vessel.

The V-46 features two rows of seating behind a massive console that functions as an air conditioned cabin. Below deck you’ll notice 6’ 7” of headroom and an open layout with U shaped seating up front that converts to a queen berth. The galley is to starboard and has a sink, stove, fridge, microwave and some storage compartments. There’s also a private head and shower.

This Valhalla has a dedicated machinery room for batteries, a 9 kW diesel generator, the distribution panel and hot water heater. A Seakeeper is available and accessed through a dedicated hatch on the centerline.

The console and helm seating are mounted on a 7” high platform for added visibility and can accommodate up to seven adults on optional Release Marine or Llebroc chairs. Aft facing mezzanine seating and a three person lounge in the bow with port and starboard loungers complete the seating package.

The V-46 can be powered by quad 400 or 450R outboards, or triple or quad Mercury 600 V12 outboards up to 2,400 hp.

Nor-Tech 450 Sport

Speed is the name of the game with the Nor-Tech 450 Sport. This 45 foot high performance center console is capable of carrying up to five (quint) 450 hp outboards with a total combined output of 2,250 hp and a top speed of about 90 mph. You know a boat is designed to be fast when it has wind deflectors on the console for passengers sitting in the aft cockpit.

For being super fast, this boat is also super comfortable. An automated SureShade extends from the hard top to shield the aft cockpit from direct sun exposure. Behind the leaning post there’s a built-in cooler with a chill plate, so you don’t need ice to keep drinks cold.

The U-shaped seating in the bow has storage below. On top of the cabin is the large central lounge seating — a great spot to chill underway. It even has electrically actuated leg rests! The table in the bow can also be electrically raised or lowered to create a flush floor, a sunpad or an open air lunch spot.

The cabin can be set up for lounge seating or a berth at the touch of a button. You’ll also find a television, sink, microwave, and an enclosed head compartment with a shower. The large skylights and side lights really bring the outdoors in, which is why there’s a switch to turn everything opaque to create privacy glass whenever needed.

The Nor-Tech 450 Sport is a fast, luxurious high performance center console that is sure to delight whomever steps aboard.

Freeman 47

The Freeman 47 is a fishing machine through and through. As a catamaran, it has two hulls with which to transition choppy seas and walk from crest to crest — a trick that a monohull just can’t match. Capable of running quad Mercury 450R motors the 47 can reach speeds in excess of 70 mph.

At 47 feet, this Freeman feels big. The beam as well as the overall length combine to create an unusually large space. Two rows of seating behind the console. A tackle center with double drink coolers and storage everywhere. The cockpit has double hull side doors that make exiting onto any dock, or landing any size fish easy.

Freeman went to the next level with storage and live wells. There’s a large rod locker incorporated into the gunwales on each side. The split coffin box compartments under the front lounge seats are fully insulated. The aft cockpit has in-floor livewells on either side, and a transom mounted well. You’ll also find two more aft storage compartments in the floor with access to the bilge.

The Freeman 47 is ideal for traveling long distances and bringing all the gear that’s needed for extended trips. With the ability to carry 1,000 gallons of fuel, the 47 can take you and all of your friends — and all of their stuff to wherever it is you want to go fishing.

Cigarette 59 Tirranna

While the Cigarette 59 Tirranna is last on this list, it could just as well be first. The Tirranna can run quint or sext outboards, up to 2,700 hp and reach top speeds of about 80 mph. While it’s not the fastest, that makes it the biggest, most powerful center console on the our list.

The Cigarette 59 Tirranna has some unique features worth pointing out. For starters, the transom has a hidden summer kitchen integrated into it complete with BBQ, a sink and a food prep area. The aft seating area features plush fabrics and a JL Audio sound system with up to 5 12” subs.

The helm area has two rows of seating with 7 forward facing seats, helm AC and joystick piloting. The hardtop has UV tinted skylights to filter the sun and keep the area cool. In addition to the two 24” Garmin displays at the helm, it is possible to add another 4 throughout the boat to monitor key systems and navigation.

The cabin on the 59 Tirranna has a forward California King berth. The fabrics are fine Italian leathers and add a clean smell to the interior. Large windows line up with the hull side windows for a view of the sea from inside the cabin. The Tirranna also has a diesel generator and a Seakeeper gyro to keep everyone aboard comfortable.

The final verdict, the Tirranna is a uniquely styled center console with all the creature comforts to satisfy a rock star. Check out this day yacht if you’re into speed and have the budget to match.